Meet Will Goldsberry

BCH – “So Will, you grew up locally in Arlington Heights, IL but decided to go to Ole Miss for college…why?”

WILL – “I wanted to go somewhere a little different to get out of my comfort zone a little bit.  I also liked that Ole Miss was a big football school.”

BCH – “How different was it living in the south?”

WILL – “I loved it, very different but the people are great.  Most people I met were hesitant to open up to someone who didn’t grow up where they did, but once they let you in they are very genuine people.”

BCH – “So you’ve lived in Mississippi and Tennessee, when you eventually start a family where would you want to settle down?”

WILL – “I am indifferent to be honest, that depends on my future wife.  I love being in the Chicagoland area, but if BCH opened an office somewhere like Austin, TX and I had the opportunity to run it I’m all in.”

BCH – “You were previously with another firm for the last year out of Nashville, TN.  After being in the industry for a year, why do you have such conviction that this is what you want to make your career for the next 40 years?”

WILL – “I absolutely love the accountability in this industry, it is what you make it.  That has kind of been my personal brand since I was a kid.  I was never the most talented kid growing up, but I worked hard knowing eventually it would pay off.  I also love the flexibility of being able to choose who you work with.  I want to spend the next 40 years working hard to help good people, not forced to work with people that may not want to be helped.”

BCH – “That leads me on to my next question…If I was to ask an old coach, teacher, friend of yours to tell me to describe Will Goldsberry, what would they say?”

WILL – “I think they would say that I am a no nonsense, hardworking, independent person that does not say much, just puts his head down and gets the job done.  I would think they would also say that I am a genuinely nice person who cares about people and makes everyone around him better.”

BCH – “What do you do outside of work?”

WILL – “I love sports, so I have now turned to coaching youth baseball in the community.  It’s great to give back to the same community that gave so much to me.  I look forward to seeing these young athletes grow into better baseball players and most importantly great young adults.”

BCH – “Lastly, why did you choose BCH Wealth?”

WILL – “I had the opportunity to work at another firm that has been around a long time.  They were a great place for me to get started, but ultimately their vision was more short-term transaction based where I want something truly long term.  BCH is committed to my success and is truly investing in me.  I can now build a long-term plan for growth with hands on training along the way.”




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